Red Drum Holiday Gift Offerings

Our Red Drum family lives for the opportunities to get together & share fantastic food, wine, love and laughter. We have chosen a special selection of our iconic and favorite foods, wines and spirits and hope you enjoy them as much as we all do.

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Call Mary Catherine Chance at 843-568-9571 to order

Holiday Feast Box – Order by December 15th
This is the ultimate gift for the person who prides themselves on only having the finest. This holiday menu has been shared by our two families every holiday since we opened Red Drum.

Wines & Cocktails
Apart from being the man that makes it happen in the restaurant, Charlie’s secret passion is wine. Chef Ben gets worried at times that he will want to stop running the business and just become a sommelier. Charlie is constantly tasting wines from around the world and always taking into consideration his guests palate & the cuisine of his restaurant. He has an amazing, focused palate (but don’t tell him we said that). Charlie has selected these benchmark wines to showcase this classic holiday meal.

Stock Your Fridge
The name says it all. Chef Ben’s favorite cuts of meat. This is the ultimate gift for the person who wants and deserves the very best! Includes pork chops, filet, ribeye, ground beef & chicken.

Gift Butcher Box
The perfect gift for the holidays. Bring the Red Drum home to you.
1855 Prime Beef Filet, Bone in Ribeye with all the hand made essential accompaniments. Plus the Naughty Pear Cocktail

Steak Essentials

BBQ Spice – Chef Ben’s signature chile-based Texas style dry rub.

Mop Sauce – is an essential component in all of the Red Drum’s grilled meats. A blend of molasses, whole grain mustard, red wine, garlic, & other secret ingredients. A staple in all of our homes.

Classic Steak Sauce – once you have this homemade sauce, you will never go back to the Al. This will change your world, period.

Red Wine Butter – a classic homemade compound butter to make the prime beef even more decadent.

Click here for the complete menu, offerings, & pricing.