Crew Spotlight: Kira + Eric

Since the inception of Red Drum, we’ve made an effort to create a team that was more like family. Our crew is essential in making Red Drum what you’ve come to know and love over the last 14 years. We want you to know more about them, make connections, and call them by name when you’re in the restaurant.

Meet Kira + Eric: They are both servers at the Red Drum. And they are married. They tied the knot on Sullivans Island and had their reception at the Red Drum.

How long have you worked at the Red Drum?
Kira – 2 years
Eric – 2.5 years

Where are you from originally?
Kira – Asheville, NC
Eric – Marstons Mills on Cape Cod, MA

How/where did the 2 of you meet?
Kira and I met at a restaurant called the Granary that used to be in Mount Pleasant. I was the one training her, and we both got a bit tipsy during our wine training.

How many children do you have?
Kira has one child from her previous marriage named Emma – she is 13. We have one child together named Kai, who is 10 months old.

What is the first concert you ever attended?
Kira – Wu Tang Clan
Eric – Beach Boys

What is your go-to, feel good type of music (or song)?
Kira – 90’s rap or classical
Eric – reggae

What is your favorite drink?
Kira – coffee and wine
Eric – chocolate milk

Where is the best place you’ve ever traveled to and why?
Kira – Colorado! Hands down def my favorite! It’s absolutely beautiful and there’s so much to do there. Hoping to move there one day!
Eric – Best place I’ve ever been would be Big Bear Mountain in CA. It’s a fun mountain town right outside of Los Angeles with small town charm and great snowboarding.

If you could learn anything, what would it be?
Kira + Eric – a new language

What are your top 3 menu items at the Red Drum?
Kira – Scallops, Crab Tostaditas, and Wood-Grilled Chicken
Eric – Filet, Crab Tostaditas, and Short Rib EnchiladasT